No Doc Mortgage

The true No Doc Mortgage loans are usually No Doc Loans for “NO” Income Verification.  We offer the True No Doc Loan that can leave the “Income or Employment Section” blank.  We don’t need 3 or 12 month bank statements.  We just need only one statement to verify you have the down payment. However, no documentation mortgage loans don’t require the traditional income verification such as W2’s, 1099’s or Tax Returns.  Our No Doc Loan programs generally are based  off of credit scores and the down payment.

Commercial No Doc Loans

Our commercial no doc loans are mortgage loans for investment properties that are non owner occupied, which can be on single family homes and can be titled in an individual’s name or an entity name such as an LLC.

Residential No Doc Loans

As a private financial institution we’re one of the few company’s that offer a true no doc mortgage for home buyers. We have multiple programs for owner occupied and some with no employment mentioned on the application.

No Doc Mortgage

Who Can Benefit From A No Documentation Loan?

In today’s real estate market there are many who can benefit from a No Doc Loan.  In the past it was mostly Self-Employed Business Owners and Real Estate Investors, but today it consist of a larger spectrum of buyers.  With many buyers having a break of employment in the past year and not having the ability to show two years of consistent employment or income, they’ve found themselves unable to qualify for the traditional conforming conventional mortgage loan, but are having great success with the No Documentation Mortgage Loan Programs that we provide with common sense underwriting in todays real market. Our Niche Home Loans are helping home buyers.

  • Real Estate Investors are able to take advantage our No Doc Loan  Program, which is perfectly suited for them due to no proof of income required and no IRS tax returns.
  • Self-Employed Business Owners love our programs.  It doesn’t matter if they have irregular income intervals, which fluctuates due to the market or if it’s seasonal business.  These borrowers often have the down payment, but not the documentation to support the mortgage payment for the property.
  • Foreign Investors find it very beneficial to utilize the No Documentation Loan Program, which is often a quick process and easy application to get approved for real estate acquisitions.  To be eligible under the Foreign National guidelines, borrower, at minimum, cannot live and work in the US. Foreign Nationals are only eligible for investment properties (i.e., not eligible for owner-occupied properties, including second home).
  • Buyers who can state their income on an application but can’t support it with documentation.  You can even receive a gift for the down payment with some of our programs.

                               No Doc Mortgage

                                           Why A No Doc Mortgage?

At Capital Group Private Investor Mortgage Funding, we can offer no doc mortgage loans that other banks can’t. We don’t require a stack of bank statements or multiple years of self-employment documentation. Instead, we rely on other more objective factors, such as credit score and equity contribution in the asset. It’s a simplified and easier process that has a higher level of approvals, and our rates are priced within range, so that everyone has access to an affordable mortgage, even during uncertain fiscal times. We offer an olive leaf to give what was a difficult loan application the chance to be approved in todays real estate mortgage market.

An alternative to a No Doc Mortgage Florida Loan is DSCR Loan Florida Program.  This loan program is dependent upon the monthly rental cash flow.

Although most investors asked for a Fixed Rate Mortgage for 30 years, they very rarely keep the loan past 5 years and it would benefit them if they took advantage of a 5/1 Arm loan, which would slightly lower their monthly mortgage rate.   If you have already started to save for you home, Learn which are the safe banks to put your money in with strong financials.

What Makes Us Different

Fast and Efficient

We can usually get you approved within 24 -48 hours and close within 14 – 21 days.

Experienced Professionals

Top mortgage loan advisors have over 30 years of experience in the industry of lending money.

Advanced Solutions

Industry leading technology allows you to have a soft pull on your credit with impact on your credit scores and apply online 24/7/365.

Competitive Prices

We have some of the most competitive rates in the industry and very little if any competition for No Doc Loan Programs.

Friendly & Reliable

Most of our client’s are often repeat clients which is due to our customer service and being reliable.

Convenient queues

We’re known for helping our clients and making it convenient to get approved and close on their mortgage loan.

no doc mortgage florida

No Doc Mortgage

True No Doc Mortgage Loans for Investors are in great demand and we’re the premier lender at Loan Trust to offer no income documentation loans across the nation.  Investors utilize our investment property loans over and over again due to very little to no income documentation.  Our main two components are down payment and credit scores for the lowest possible rates.  We even offer some no doc loans with credit scores as low as 350 but we lower the loan-to-value to offset the risks of the very low credit scores.  

Borrowers looking to refinance N/O/O SFR, Condo, and 2-4-unit properties can look for some of the best rates in the Non-QM industry with our Business Purpose Program. Long term (30 years) loans with NO balloon payments and Interest only options are available. You can count on many options for prepayment privileges and impounding for your property taxes/insurance.

• No Balloon payments – 30 year fully amortized
• No Income Proof Needed
• All Loans are N.I.V. (No Income Verified)
• No Income stated on 1003
• LTV up to 80%
• No DTI Ratios
• No DSCR calculated
• Rates as low as 4.375 -5.50%
• Up to a 2 Point 
• Loan Amounts from $100,000 – $3,000,000
• Lending to LLC’s, S-Corp, C-Corps, Trusts or Individuals.
• Property Types Include: SFR, Condo, Condotels, 2-4 Units
• Interest Only Option Available
• Foreign Nationals – OK

Capital Group Private Investor Mortgage Funding, LLC DBA Loan Trust is a private mortgage Lending Company giving access to capital for real estate entrepreneurs and investors. We have a simplified application process to help you achieve Success

Residential Rehab Loans

Fix & Flip Hard Money Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans

We understand at Loan Trust that residential rehab loans require speed and are crucial with your cash on the line. Real estate investors need the financial resources necessary to execute their plan and make attractive offers that promise quick closings. For all but the most cash-rich investors, one of the few means of competing is a hard money loan for residential rehab and other investment purposes.

Loans for investors who are buying distressed properties, rehabbing, and selling. Sensible, flexible, and fast! For your Fix to Rent we offer Loans for investors looking to buy, rehab and hold as rental properties. Buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat! Finance all of your rehabs with a simple, fast process! For Bridge Loans Interim financing for investment properties where a fast close is needed and minimal or no rehab is planned.

Commercial bridge loans are a very specific type of financing and differ from other types of loans. Bridge loans—also referred to as bridge financing, swing financing, or gap financing—are used particularly to finance an immediate opportunity, typically in real estate. As the name implies, commercial bridge loans are used to “bridge the gap” between a business’s current need for financing and a more long-term financing solution.

Foreign Real Estate Investors
Distressed Property Loans
Cash-Out Refinance

We are always going to be available to offer our services to you. As a reliable Hard Money Lender, we value our borrower, and we will prove that to you by always be there when you need us. We appreciate our borrowers; prioritizing & building our relationship with them.

If you are not sure about the profitability of your investment, no worries. We can offer you professionals that are good risk calculators. They will evaluate the profitability of your project to ensure its success. With our guaranteed formula, we will provide you with the best possible offers.

Perhaps you’re a real estate investor that is new to the investment game, or you are a first-time borrower. Do not worry. We got you on that. We will give you all the help you will need in the form of advice, as well as guiding you with our wealth of experience.

About Us

We’re the nation’s premiere lender for No Doc Loans and real estate investors are building their net worth with our no documentation loans. 

Yes, we have a loan program that is basically a blank application.  We don’t need any employment or income on the application.  It’s left blank and the loan is considered for business purposes.  Business owner’s investors love this program.  We only need to show that you have the down payment and closing cost and appraised the property. 

We can usually close these loans from 14 to 21 days.   What is even more interesting is that the down payment can be gifted to you, so you don’t even need to have the down payment.  Someone else can provided that on your behalf.  Get Approved Fast while the capital is still available for our No Income Documentation Program.

We’ve loaned out over 250 million in  mortgage loans and are always on the cutting  edge in the industry to offer unique and traditional mortgage loan programs to help increase home ownership and real estate investing.

Andre Little, CEO-Founder, Loan Trust
No Doc Mortgage Loans Florida
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No Doc Mortgage

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At Capital Group Private Investor Mortgage Funding, LLC dba Loan Trust we’ve created a portfolio of investment programs with common sense underwriting that offsets risks with the rewards of mortgage lending to consumers and real estate investors.

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