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We Offer Capital To You To Acquire Real Estate Assets With No Income Documentation

At Loan Trust, we're America's #1 No Doc Mortgage Lender for getting loans approved so you can acquire more assets creating wealth.

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Making your vision come true

Enjoy the journey of achieving your vision, while we get you the money your need to complete it.

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Business Relationships That Create Wealth

We Offer Millions of Dollars in Lines of Credit for No Doc Loans for our clients who do this as a business and want to build a relationship with a lender that understands the process.

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Mortgage Loans

We’ve been lending to real estate investors and have loan approvals for 3,409 investors and counting.


R/E Capital Loans

Nearly a billion loaned out to real estate investors with just over $750 Million.  We’re looking forward to hitting a Billion in 2019.


Project Done

Our projects completed are not to be compared to our competitors due to our unique lending guidelines.


Years of Experience

Our leadership has over 27 years of experience of lending for real estate and understands the importance of having access to capital.

Our Mission

To enable real estate investors and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential via No Documentation Loans. To organize mortgage loan programs for our clients to make it easy to access capital and grow wealth with real estate.

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Our History

Our history is rich with 27 years of business experience.  Our background is in real estate finance and urban development to help business owners reach optimal goals by accessing capital for real estate ventures.

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Our People

The company was founded when business owners and entrepreneurs were hurting the most in 2008. At a time when accessing capital was hard to come by in the industry.  We decided to become the solution for accessing money. 

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Clients Analysis for No Doc Mortgages

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